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New Jersey Under State Of Emergency Due To Flooding Conditions

New Jersey Under State Of Emergency Due To Flooding Conditions - State of Emergency Declared in New Jersey as Ophelia's Remnants Trigger Severe Flooding

Oct 01, 20236293 Shares179810 Views
Parts of New Jersey find themselves submerged as the remnants of Ophelia wreak havoc, inundating streets and sidewalks across the region. In response to the escalating situation, Governor Phil Murphy declared a State of Emergency, effective from 3 p.m. Friday, urging residents to exercise caution and stay off the roads.
The state, particularly the northern and central regions, is grappling with heavy rainfall leading to treacherous conditions. Forecasts predict an acceleration of rainfall in various parts of New Jersey in the coming hours, with flooding remaining a significant concern due to the substantial rain already experienced earlier in the week.
Governor Murphy issued a statement, emphasizing, "Residents should stay off the roads, remain alert, and follow all safety protocols." His plea comes as a safeguard against potential dangers posed by the ongoing deluge.
Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla also declared a state of emergency on Friday morning, issuing a plea for residents to stay at home whenever possible. High tides and heavy rain during the morning rush caused substantial flooding, particularly in the southwest portion of Hoboken. Floodwaters surged, prompting officials to caution against unnecessary travel and encourage compliance with road closures.
In various affected areas, businesses resorted to placing sandbags outside their premises in an attempt to stave off the encroaching floodwaters. A local ShopRite, for instance, strategically positioned bags to prevent water ingress. Meanwhile, a preschool and daycare center staff member struggled to keep water at bay as parents arrived to collect their children.
Late into Friday night, the southwest corner of Hoboken, one of the city's lowest-lying areas, continued to wrestle with drainage issues. Flash flooding had left no outlet for the accumulating rainwater, necessitating rescue efforts not only in Hoboken but also in other parts of the Garden State.
A harrowing water rescue unfolded as Fairfield Police Cpl. Steven D'Argenio heroically lifted a stranded driver out of waist-deep floodwaters, ensuring their safe evacuation. In the midst of the crisis, calls inundated emergency services, with the fire department reporting a staggering 400% surge in call volume.
Hoboken's Director of Public Safety, Ken Ferrante, highlighted the risks of individuals recklessly disregarding barricades and flood warning gates, leading to people becoming stranded in submerged areas. Thankfully, the fire department executed approximately half a dozen water rescues without any injuries reported.
While the immediate crisis was managed, Ferrante urged continued caution during Saturday morning's commute. High tide, expected around 9:30 a.m., may result in localized flooding, posing additional challenges to residents and motorists alike.
In the city of Long Branch, a state of emergency was also declared in response to widespread flooding that forced the closure of numerous roadways. Residents grappled with waterlogged vehicles and flooded basements, with some attempting to salvage their soaked possessions.
As New Jersey confronts the aftermath of Ophelia's remnants, communities are rallying together to navigate the cleanup process and mitigate the impact of this unexpected deluge.
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